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The Artist:

Katelyn Amacker


What you need to know about me (the artist): I am a caffeine guzzling, sriracha chugging, martial arts-practicing artist (redundant, I know). Together with my four-legged side-kick, named Remington, I whip up this comic in my spare time.



The Author:

Bry Pulley

Bryant Pulley is a wayward microbiologist who, for whatever reason, fancies himself a writer. By badgering his more talented friends into illustrating his crooked thoughts, he has managed to help bring about this comic. Also writes for the comic Life Exp (



The Letterer/Editor:

Jim Cottage

Most people consider Jim Cottage to be a 7 out of 10. He considers himself to be something like a writer/illustrator, but around these parts he’s known for his lettering and his happy trigger-finger.


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