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Update Pending. Pup Mending

Worse than last week's failed update, our dog's health took another dive and exhausted us further (Check here for previous dog health escapades). He's doing better, and we're doing our best to get our update schedule back on track. Thanks for bearing with us during our crapulence. 

Delayed Update

We...overestimated the time it would take for this arc, and were hit with a number of side projects. We'll have the new page up next week!

Guest Comic

As much as we hate to miss an update this week, Katy's dog has had some serious health concerns that took precedence over updating. Thankfully, we have this adorable guest comic that Sandra Hogue was able to lovingly provide for us. Please follow her at @ChasetheRabbits on Twitter and check out her work on Tumblr!

No Update, but Happy Game of Thrones!

We'll be in DC and Philly this week, and a good portion of that will be spent drunkenly celebrating a new season of Game of Thrones. We'll be back next week with love and drawings!

Site Complications. Also, poop water...

Hi team!

So we've had a fuck of a week were flooded by a great amount of water from questionable origin. Computer unaffected, but just now realizing the Squarespace 7 has routed all the archive links to the start of the comic. So, if you're trying to navigate and experiencing difficulties, we're sorry about that and are currently working on it. Going to try to go for two updates next week in lieu of an update this week. 

So close...

Hello loyal readers. We're working on a big page. The page that puts and end to a story arc that has bent us over a barrel of old and mold since page 1. We decided we could kill ourselves and put out a subpar page tonight, or give you our past effort at a final chapter page and a new chapter 4 cover for you Thanksgivin!!!! We chose the latter (hence the exclamation points). We're sorry if this is a disappointment, but please believe that we're doing our best to give you everything we can on a timely basis. Also, it's cold and my butt hurts, so you can blame everything on that if it's easier. Thank you!

No Comic this Week (I blame myself...and those around me)

There are  a lot of technical reasons we have difficulty updating, but usually with enough hours thrown away we can overcome. However, when life stabs you with a life-stabbing knife, we lose a lot of time and it comes down to a matter of putting off an update for the sake of quality.

What gets in the way? Well, for one I'm Duke Bing Bong Fart Face who decided to take a vacation whilst others worked. Simultaneously, Katy loves her dog, and sometimes pup-related emergencies eat away at time that would have been spent making a comic. We'll have all the updates next week, but thanks for continuing to follow us in spite of our occasional crappulence. Much love!

Help Out a Great Comic

Two years ago, Katy and I were very nervous and full of wonder at New York Comic Con's Artist Alley. While there, we had these terribly nice and helpful neighbors who have this progressively awesome comic called Strong Female Protagonist. They are in the last days of a kickstarter to print their smartly drawn and written webcomic right here. Donate if you can, because they are on the side of progress and should be rewarded for it!