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The Artist:

Katelyn Amacker


What you need to know about me (the artist): I am a caffeine guzzling, sriracha chugging, martial arts-practicing artist (redundant, I know). Together with my four-legged side-kick, named Remington, I whip up this comic in my spare time.



The Author:

Bry Pulley

Bryant Pulley is a wayward microbiologist who, for whatever reason, fancies himself a writer. By badgering his more talented friends into illustrating his crooked thoughts, he has managed to help bring about this comic. When he isn’t writing or sciencing, Bryant enjoys drinking whiskey, petting cats and/or dogs, and spending money on books and video games for which he has little to no time.



The Letterer/Editor:

Jim Cottage

Most people consider Jim Cottage to be a 7 out of 10. He considers himself to be something like a writer/illustrator, but around these parts he’s known for his lettering and his happy trigger-finger.


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